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Raheem is the most interesting character you'll ever know. Raheem is a man who is a class above all classes, a truly magnificent person. He will touch your heart with his poetry; bless your spirit with his grace and love you like no other human being has ever loved you. He places his faith in the universe and is a lover of the arts, but music is his passion, his comfort, his soul. Loyal and will stand by his loved ones no matter what.

2. A great leader, always aware of the situation and is prominently resourceful.
3. Calm and cool behavior.
4. Mysterious appearance.
"That guy at the bar is a real Raheem, he's so mysterious."
by GossipGurl98 December 15, 2016
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A sweet, carrying, funny guy, has a very cute giggle, he can make his voice sound so low and seductive which is very sexy, he is adorable, has brown eyes, he is a very loveable guy, he says the most cutest and sweetest thing any girl would want to hear come out of a guys mouth, hes amazing and he is raheem.
cute, adorable, raheem is who he is which is amazing
by a person u will never know December 31, 2011
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Raheem is one of the best looking guys at school.
Raheem is the cool kid everyone wants to know.
Raheem is an awesome guy
Everyone wants to be like Raheem
by frufrumcfru February 05, 2010
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Raheem is a extraordinary rapper who will be famous one day
He’s also a sweet kind hearted boy

Who fights for what’s right and will immediately be friendly toward you
He is a caring loving boy who you will miss when you have to leave

Raheem is a brilliant soul
And will always have a space in everyone’s heart
Wow man have you seen that new rapper raheem

Ye man he’s amazing I’m surprised he’s not famous worldwide

Bro he should spread the word about him

K man
by Ally laws biggest fan August 26, 2018
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Raheem is the sort of person who bullshits and chats nothing but fucking shit. Raheem also is a kind person and will do anything to make his friends happy. He would also raise his eyebrows when he chat's his bullshit
Raheem: hey guys i have been in a jet fighter
jordan: seriously...have you(sarcastic)
ryan:we know what raheem is....
jordan:a bullshitter
by razjaz May 29, 2013
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tall piece of shit got a big mustache and looks like a exact replica of hitler. retarded lump of terrorist shit that doesnt know how to shave or eat like a nomnom™. Also has no friends
ewwwww he looks like a raheem
by ™™™™™ July 03, 2018
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Commonly a black guy with horrible grammar, actually.. English in general. Horrible with girls and tends to be impatient.
Stop being a raheem
by Youeffedup August 11, 2012
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