All his friends were talking about it so he finally decided to rahe
by Rick Takes October 17, 2017
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The kid at the back of the class that’s probably gonna start the school shooting
Oh shit it’s Raheed stand the fuck back or he gonna pop a cap in yo ass
by P3nislicker March 12, 2019
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The boy who is concern on social works.A caring and Loving person to his family.Who is very Sensitive.A person who is generally a level headed. He is tall has brown hair and a tan, perfect skin and blue/green eyes that hold many secrets.He is a man of little words, believing that his actions will speak louder than words. He has a dynamic work ethic. He is strong, handsome,intelligent,funny,trustworthy.A sweet person you will meet rarely in your life
Girl : " I'm smiling because I have a rahees in my life."
by Puniha November 18, 2017
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A:you look so beautiful today

B:no I don’t

A:don’t be such a raheed.
by Chantel_whatupgirl August 17, 2020
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The leader of the best gang in the world. Ultimately fearless in everything she does with her gang. Her and her special gang travel the school with their gang powers. The gangiest gang of all gangs. Talks about Minecraft from time to time. True gangster. Undefeatable.
She's so cool, she's almost as cool as Rahee!
Rahee is booling!
by floopdoop March 29, 2018
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