A word to decsribe the legacy of Myles Hutcheson, a student who loved like Christ and saw everyone as valuable and loved.
by LoveLikeMH December 10, 2018
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Myles is undefeatable in paintball, Steve and Jeremy need to watch their backs.
by LoveLikeMH December 10, 2018
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The boss theme of Giganto in the game Sonic Frontiers. The song has gained popularity from both its catchiness and its status as a meme.
It’s time to face your fear
‘Cause when your time has come and gone
I’ll be the one to carry on
And you can throw me to the wolves
‘Cause I am undefeatable
by Baboiminion February 19, 2023
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Unable to be defeated; Able to be undefeated; Pre-requisite to being undefeated
Man #1 - "Hey man, did you see GSP fight last night?"

Man #2 - "Yeah dude, that guy is undefeatable right now!"
by Captain Seagrams March 28, 2010
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The act and essence of being undeafeatable in basically any type of activity imaginable.
"As beer pong partners we will be a powerhouse of undefeatableness."
by Jwyatt September 13, 2007
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a word in Huston Street's dictionary: to lack the ability to fail
"If you're staring straight ahead like you're undefeatable, then you're a Longhorn."
by the54effect July 10, 2008
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