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the activity in which two or more people are locked in a cage and forced to throw semen on each other from cups (monkeys may sometimes be involved). There may, or may not be a bucket to refill the cups with semen. Not all "rage in cage" is punishment. In some cultures (come to think of it most cultures) find it an hounorable experience.

Although it may be an erotic and fun experience there are some hazards invloved, Such as STD infections and possibly a case of sputum, which is not as nice as it sounds. However it is still a top notch sport, some even call it the sport of kings..... a few more years and it will be in the olymipc games. Watch out beijing 2008 games coz here comes rage in a cage!
cool dude #1 - Hey dude i have the pay-per-view of the queen vs. bubbles in a "rage in a cage" match.... wanna come watch
cool dude #2 - Wow that is so awsome, but im having a rage in a cage at my house that day. Maybe you can tape it for me?
by the semenator March 18, 2005
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can be used to describe an unfortunate situation


if someone is angry and the third party wants to say something
Eilís: Ahh i lost ten pounds!
Orla: Rage in a cage!

by Orla Cunningham November 27, 2007
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