probably the most stunning girl you can ever meet. gets all the boys but is very picky to who she chooses. the loveliest and kindest person with a big heart :) so gorgeous it's unreal
''wow she must be an orla''
''she's beautful. she has to be an orla''
by koolkid987 January 12, 2016
Some usually from Ireland, or from America (who like to think they're Irish by naming their daughter Orla).
She's shy when she first mets someone, then once she knows she can trust them shows them her crazy mad self.
Is pretty, but about 90% of the time doesn't admite it.

Orla starts with an 'O' whitch is not the most common letter to start a name with. But it does led to some very good nicknames, e.g. Oreo


Orlakins... etc...
Noun- Run, Orla, run!
Adj.- That dance is so Orlafide!
by Ireland's lucky charm May 21, 2009
Orla, crazy and embarrassing but gorgeous. At most times she is very aggressive but has a loving interior. She is good at everything but is very humble and doesn’t have confidence. She is very picky when it comes to boys but doesn’t care about social status or materialistic things. All round she is an amazing person but DO NOT annoy her, she has little patience and is very easily annoyed. Oh yeah orlas are so funny, their horrible jokes make you laugh no matter how offensive.
“That Orla girl is so mean! “
I can’t beleive Orla just did that, OMG!”
by knight.kiel.crimp March 28, 2018
From Old Irish or "gold" + flaith "sovereignty, queen." Name of King Brian Boru's sister and daughter. Popular in the Middle Ages, and again today. Orlaith.
One of our favorite DJ at is Orla
by Chip Taylor August 24, 2006
such a lovely girl, dont know what i would do without you, ssstttuuunnniiinnnggg, omw you are hilarious, you are amazing at sports, i literally love u sososososooo much, amazing taste in clothes, spreads happiness wherever she goes, can be weird but is still seen as smokin, just lysm xxxxxxxx <3 <3
loveher orla amazing girl whycantibeyou lysm
by chickablanca April 26, 2013
ORLAAAAAAA STUNNING, will throw u in a bush, but in a nice way. AGRESSIVEEE, throws twigs at your face, sometimes makes marks, lives your mom, but an amazing friend. XXXX BEUTTT
Girl: omg orla is QUEEN, id totally date her
Orla: you have my number princess xx😉
by Your pusSey January 24, 2022