A word used by politicians, especially republicans, to obscurely discuss government spending and pretend they have a solution to economic problems. Used widely by John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their supporters.
McCain: What senator Obama doesn't understand is that we have to reign in government spending to solve this economic crisis.
by takingabath October 2, 2008
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One of the coolest and least-often used words.


v - to rule or govern; to have authority over.
n - the period of time during which one person or
body rules.

In the off chance that you happen to bear the name Reign, you are win. You are magnanimous and humble; subtle and striking; personable and passionate. You have all the charm and chivalry needed to woo and seduce others, but your strong morality keeps you above the smut and douche-baggery of day-to-day life. Others look up to you without knowing why - you have an air of mystery about you, even though you are incredibly open and sincere. You, sir or madam, possess a richness of spirit which others can only begin to grasp, yet you keep a level head. You are the essence of win.
The kings reign, though short, proved to be prosperous for both the people and the governance.

The queen had reigned for many years now, and those who had questioned her potency as a leader now found themselves proven wrong.
by TheyCallMeReign February 2, 2010
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Reigne is a smart and caring girl. She usually roams around the internet when bored, if not, she plays moba games on her phone. Reigne is a unique name only a few denominations have, thus, finding a Reigne would be difficult. Reignes are usually short, funny, and athletic. At least the Reigne I know is. Reignes also put their trust in people very quickly (which I don't like about her.) Reigne is a smol cute child, don't soil her with unpurities.
Guy: Dang, I played with this chick in a moba game and she played a tank very well, dude!

Friend: Dude, that's Reigne!!
by Mearceci November 1, 2018
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Reigne is a kind and loving person, Reigne can be a thot sometimes and annoy the shit out of you but reigne will make you laugh the hardest out of all your friends can. Reigne is helplessly in love and will never be loved.
Person: What’s one word to describe you?

by Bruh2222 March 11, 2018
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To rule over absolutely, to be the absolute authority.
The reign of HM Queen Elizabeth I was known as 'The golden Era' as it was extremely prosperous for England.

Ted Bundy's reign of Terror ended with his arrest.
by Gumba Gumba April 8, 2004
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Reign is a beautiful intelligent and talented girl. Finding someone like her is like finding a unicorn, she’s caring, passionate, loving, and kind. But don’t take her for granted
Have you seen reign today
Yeah, she was reading to kids at the library
by TheAlexFactor August 4, 2019
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To rule/take-over something, a place, a person, a thing, or all of the above.
"I reign everywhere I go."

"I'm a reign machine."

"Let me reign on your parade, oops I already did."

"Bitches reign their men."

"Someday I will reign the world."
by Texgirlstrong June 18, 2014
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