Ragazzi is from the Italian word for male children, boys, or guys. As a camaraderie term, it means the good-fellowship among the “guys” (including ladies, too) who are part of a loyal team, fandom, inner circle, following, etc. (Plural form of ragazzo, feminine ragazza.)
The moment was typical of how faithfully he shares such high points with ‘you guys,’ his loyal ragazzi.”
by Etymologymaster October 18, 2013
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Well know sentence of Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1 when he gets in P1 or wins a race.
It means “thanks guys” in italian
Sometimes used as a meme when you win a race in karting or in other Motorsport faculties in general
Grazie ragazzi, Grande gara.
by Pussydestroyer927391 August 18, 2019
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An Italian sentence which means "thank you guys." in English. This sentence expresses proudly feeling of a Scuderia Ferrari driver to the team and the crews when they achieved some milestones.
This sentence is usually spoken and popularized by German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel when he gets pole position, or when he wins a race since he joined the Ferrari F1 team on 2015.
Ferrari Crew: “P1 Sebastian! One and two. Well managed. Nice drive”.
Vettel: “Dai un’altra bandiera a Maranello. Vai! Grazie! Forza Ferrari. Grazie mille. Grazie ragazzi. Grande lavoro.”

- Sebastian Vettel post-race team radio after he won the Hungarian Grand Prix on 2017.
by apayah.apayah2 June 7, 2019
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The 2 words that ended the HS fandom.
Fans: *inaudible screams*
by Seaaitchelohee December 3, 2020
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My friend Mia is very cute in every way possible. She is very caring and nice. Her eyes are so pretty, her smile is brighter than the sun. Mia is protective over people who is her friends and who aren’t. When you tell Mia to keep a secret she won’t ever tell anyone. Mia is a very happy, smart, beautiful, unique person. Never stop smiling Mia.
ilysm Mia
Omg look it’s Mia Ragazzi i love her so much!💙
by carsoncer November 6, 2019
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Means "hey kids" in italian.

It's what italians say to annoying groups of tourist american children.
(American students walk into italian cafe)
italian guy: ciao ragazzi
by Psychedelic Phenomenon September 25, 2011
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Informal italian way of greeting someone, used by nobody but still very popular among italian people. It became a meme back in 2017 when Pewdiepie said it in one of his videos. It is also an intro-phrase used by the famous italian youtuber "Favij".
Pewdiepie: "Bella a tutti ragazzi... What did I just say? A BeAuTifuL iTAliaN GiRl?"
by Danizzzz March 11, 2021
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