A greeting used to imitate Bill Cosby when he says "Hey kids!" but is used mainly with your friends and the effect works better when you say it to only one person.
Hey kids! I'm a kids, I like to watch cartoons and eat ice cream!
by ButtonMan November 14, 2008
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it could be:
a greeting
a way to get someone's attention
something to say when you're mad

not to be said in a pedifile way
hey kid!

hey kid!hey kid!

hey kid! gimme my sandwich!
by hey kid April 7, 2006
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One of the most famous baseball players of all time, Willie Mays.
There's Jackie Robinson and then there's the Say Hey Kid.
by Sid Barrett September 16, 2007
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a sentence used by a rapist driving a white van and is outdated with the times and thinks that he can attract dumb ass kids by saying hey kids do you like nae naes and the kids noticed he wants there cheeks so they run away and the rapist gets caught and then gets raped in jail when he dropped the soap
bro look a guy is talking to those kids

rapist: hey kids do you like nae naes\


rapist: god dammit
by G3n3r1c N1gg13t 123 September 24, 2018
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The Tik Tok is making crazy for that and "Hey KitKat Kid Bro" & "That's Not Good" Thank y'all !
Hey KitKat Kid Bro !
by Hey KitKat Kid Bro September 26, 2021
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