Any ethnic individual whose culure and/or religion dictates that they wear a cloth device/headress on their head. Usually derogatory.
Man, I noticed alot of rag-heads when I was in London!
by Smokey March 4, 2005
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rag head=Yorkshire (which is a county in England for all you rednecks owt der) slang for muslim. Men or women can be rag heads,rag head women look like ninja's and they dont have jobs and they cant drive for curry powder. You can spot a rag head man from a mile away, just look out for bed sheets walking around.
Fuck sake lik, i sed no garlic sauce on ma donna meat and chips ya fuckin rag head

No rag head i wont get out of your 'bloody shop', ill leave when i wanna leave
by D to the N January 16, 2007
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typically thought when you see a dirty sand person with a towl wrapped around their head
''Oi cunt look what the fucking rag heads did the consert''
''was a explosive chain of events ye''
by autistic cunt June 10, 2019
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A racist term invented by insecure people who aren't smart enough to know why Arabs a wear head covering. In desert countries with sweltering heat, wearing a head covering to protect from sand storms makes sense. In the Arabian penisula the covering is called a Shumagg which is held by a band called an Ogal. This is the head dress which flows down from the head past the shoulders like what Yasser Arafat use to wear.

Covering one's head has it's roots in the Old Testament. It outlines the garments a priest must wear when conducting a service in the temple. It is the reason Jews wear the yarmulka and why women use to wear hats in church.
Can you believe I use to be so dumb that I called Arabs rag heads? Thankfully I went to University, obtained a well paying job, learned about Middle East history and now I am no longer an insecure racist.
by Rich Caker October 16, 2007
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n. Racial slur for Middle-Eastern person which includes Arab, Irano-Afgan, and Asian Indian peoples. It referres to the turban (towel on the head) commonly worn throughout the Middle-East, among both Muslims and Hindus.
That brown guy's a rag-head.
by O'Doyle April 6, 2005
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An Islamic extremist or terrorist. Called that because of the middle eastern headress they often wear.
I would like to shoot a Rag head.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 11, 2009
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