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To act like a sket. Doing sketish things involves having a new man every night, sucking rod on a hourly basis and getting her rat out at any opportunity. If you want a good example of sketish behaviour watch the film KiDULTHOOD and watch out for Becki
Yo blood, look at what dat girl doing dat some sketish behaviour
by D to the N December 7, 2006
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A Northern city which is near leeds and is based in West yorkshire. Its a tuff town and if any of u soft southernas tink ya can cum up ull get murked by us bradford boysh coz us Northerns dnt take nicely to sketish southernas. All i can say about Bradford is da riots between different races.
Bradford=Might of the North
Bradford the town where none locals get murked
by D to the N November 28, 2006
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Muzi is Yorkshire slang for Muslim. Some people may call it a racist term but they is just preachers tryin 2 preach der shite.
Wot up Muzi

Yeh carm it dwn Muzi

U dnt wanna mess wiv me Muzi coz i roll deep lik
by D to the N December 29, 2006
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Urbanthumb is when go on urban dictionary to see if the words you have added are getting thumbs up or thumbs down. Every person who has added a word on this site has urbanthumbed.
Ill be lik 2 secs mate gotta do a urbanthumb before i come out
by D to the N December 30, 2006
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Cowards are cunts really. People who wont fight for der country, will run away when der mates are gettin the shit kicked out of them.All people from the country france are cowards as they let da Nazi's shit all over dem. If i was french i would be soooo ashamed of my self
Nothing worse than been a coward
France= the country filled with cowards
by D to the N December 12, 2006
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Hardly ever seen on der own, dey normally hang around street corners in packs, dey stand around for hours with der hoods up wasting der lives trying to look Big and wasting tax payers money, dey do this by normally doin abit of fire starting or L&B smoking
Hey blood, look at dem sketish street rats

Yeh Yeh wot ya gonna do street rat
by D to the N November 28, 2006
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rag head=Yorkshire (which is a county in England for all you rednecks owt der) slang for muslim. Men or women can be rag heads,rag head women look like ninja's and they dont have jobs and they cant drive for curry powder. You can spot a rag head man from a mile away, just look out for bed sheets walking around.
Fuck sake lik, i sed no garlic sauce on ma donna meat and chips ya fuckin rag head

No rag head i wont get out of your 'bloody shop', ill leave when i wanna leave
by D to the N January 16, 2007
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