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Slang for a person of Middle Eastern Descent. Refers to the turbin that some wear.
That goddamn diaper head stole my car man!
by Thing March 10, 2005
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A derogatory name for someone of Middle-Eastern descent. Probably the most common usage is in reference to Selami bin Hiden, I mean Osama bin Laden. Especially given the circumstances in Iraq, a diaper head is not a good thing to be.
Redneck 1: "Dude, look at that diaper head over there at the pump"

Redneck 2: "Gawdamnnit! Where's my gun?"
by Jaegermeister May 18, 2005
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An Arab/Muslim with a turban.
Ron: You think he's got a bomb under
that thing?

Hank: Damn diaperheads bombing our country.
by joseee93 August 13, 2008
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Wearing a beanie that sags so far down that it looks like there is shit in it.
Dude did you see that beanie it looks like a diaper yes that is what we call diaper head
by toxic123 January 26, 2014
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a childish person who smells. usually of penis. a childish nickname for childish acting adolescents. usually a diaper head has a microsaphallic brother with rotten teeth.
by mike murphy February 03, 2004
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