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A Goddess in Hinduism. "Lord Krishna enchants the world but Radha enchants even Him. Therefore She is supreme goddess of all." She is divine shakti (energy) of the universe.
I am so thankful to have the name Radha.
by Your Lover March 30, 2005
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A extremely beautiful girl who every guy falls for. A girl who can make you smile no matter what mood you're in and will make you the happiest guy in the world. A funny outgoing girl who can show you a good time. Aside from her beauty, her smile is the next most beautiful thing in the world. An angel from above. The sexiest mamma jamma on this earth. pretty much the most seductive one too. OMG she is so freaking sexy and hot she can turn any guy on just by one look. By far the most perfect creation living on Earth
by iluvradha4ever. April 12, 2011
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An amazing, gorgeous person with a booty. the end.
damnnn look at that radha!”
you’re right, that radha is amazing and gorgeous
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A very beautiful girl. She may act shy or extremly nice. But it's obvious how pretty she is. A "Radha" is a keeper. Shes random and finn and cute, but she doesn't sit there and take crap. Shes really funny and good to go shopping with cause they kno good when they see it. And she can tell when someone isfake or not.
man radha is beautiful.
my gosh i love radha!
radha is soooo nice!
by the hot one guhrl September 06, 2012
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extermely hot mom. Terry is a chump but his mom is a freakin MILF. And she likes it in the but hardcore
Man that radha was mint, monsour mint
by monsour January 17, 2005
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