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Radical means "at the root" (Latin radix, radic- β€˜root’.) A founding principle of feminism is that women as a sex class - female humans - are subjugated by the male class. Radical feminism seeks to get rid of patriarchy by tackling the cultural systems that support it. Patriarchal sytemss operate from a basic assumption that males are more worthwhile than females - radical feminism challenges this assumption, which naturally pisses some men off.

Radical feminists sees gender as the tool by which women are suppressed; it's a complex value system that controls what men and women are allowed to do & whats expected of them. Every culture enforces gender with strong social rules and even by law. While the gender system actively harms women, it's unkind to men as well by demanding certain standards of behaviour (toughness, for instance) and forbidding others. Abolishing gender would, according to radfem theory, free both males and females to be themselves in a more satisfying way.

Transgender theory tends to view gender as fixed or innate - radfem says it can't be, because gender rules vary dramatically between cultures and across time. Another point of conflict is trans women's demands to be treated exactly like genetic females. Radfems say gender identity can't override biological differences.

Some radical feminists are lesbians and female separatists. Most are heterosexual women enjoying happy relationships with the men in their lives.
When people say I must hate men because I'm a radfem, that tells me they think men should oppress women and I should shut up about it!
by A Woman And A Half March 11, 2017
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An ideologue who acts under the decades-outdated belief that gender, sexuality, and all parts of the human mind are learned and have no basis in biology. Radfems are most commonly seen trying to ban pornography or lecturing parents about what they must teach their children lest they be responsible for raising a rapist. They are also often seen campaigning against medical and legal rights of transsexuals, advocating the idea that transwomen are men who dress in drag to try to rape real women, stirring up fear of rape in general, and calling evolutionary scientists bigots after confusing evolution with "social Darwinism."
That woman actually wants to see men forcibly castrated. She must be a radfem.
by nomorepseudonyms August 02, 2012
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A feminist who is more interested in revenge on the male gender than gender equality.
"Beth is such a radfem. She constantly assumes all men are the same as the worst man."
by Earthyling February 19, 2015
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