the way forward to get all the scum out of society.
Boy: Dad some dirty niggers stole my phone today.

Dad: Don't worry, a dose of racism will have them crying back to the zoo's.
by Whatsgood. July 21, 2008
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Being afraid of another race
Lulu is a racist because she wont ride her school bus near the "apartments" where there is a higher percentage of african-americans than caucasians. I believe this applies to racism
by skinzfan010203 September 30, 2007
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hating another race, religion, etc...

commonly mistaken by stupid people for only being between whites and blacks.
it can be between any race.

i am white, i hate native american people. im racist.
((i dont really hate native american people))
by nikkimarie. March 18, 2008
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1. (verb) ray-siz-um:
the act of criticizing another due to colour of skin used in a deragatory manor.

2. (verb) ray-siz-um:
an act partaken by people who are ignorant enough to sterotype people based on society
"im sick and tired of those motha fuckin cracka's always usin racism against our people"

"that nigger's usin' racism"

"hey calm down hong choi, no need to use racism. now wheres my egg drop soup"

"oh shit? is that camel jockey tryin to get crunk with me? breakin out the racism card are ya"
by Matty Boy G September 09, 2007
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1.)Ignorance at one of its purest forms.
2.) Belief that things are negative of one due to their race.
3.) Studpidity.

Note; Racism does not include MENTIONING ones race, and does not include steotypical statements about that race. It's purely hatred of that race.
Racism exists in the world.
by iMySElfxOx January 20, 2009
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state of mind in which one thinks he or she is better than members of another race because they are a different race
This country was not founded on equality of men, it was founded by racist slave owners who worked hard and fought for everything they had.

If the group of blacks scores lowest on the standardized tests, it is not racist to say that they are stupid.
by hahahaha March 08, 2005
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(US) The systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have relatively little social power in the United States (Blacks, Lations/as, Native Americans, and Asians), by members of the agent racial groups who have relatively more social power (Whites). This subordination is supported by the actions of individuals, cultural norms and values, and the institutional structures and practices of society.
The Institution in the United States is set up to systematically support whites (hence the term: White Privlege). One needs to only turn on the television to see how hard it is to find a non-tokenized person of color. This does not mean that people of color are unable to hold biases or hate towards Whites. It is just not racism, but discrimination.
by Empowerment April 20, 2006
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