1. The belief that "race" accounts for differences in character or ability.

2. Racial Prejudice + Power = Racism

People serious about the study of racism define it more strictly to mean the combination of racial prejudice + power. In other words, only the dominant group in a society can be racist because they have the power to oppress others. This forces the dominant group to recognize the dangerous side of their position of power and tends to make them upset. Some will avoid this issue all together and say that they are "colorblind", ignoring the very real effects of racial discrimination.

Marginalized groups of people can have racial prejudice towards members of the dominant group, (i.e., a black man calling a white man a cracker) but since they lack the power to oppress that group, it cannot be accurately called "racism." White people in America have not historically been called "crackers" and then been enslaved, denied work, imprisoned, framed, or hung by blacks.

In most cases, racism includes the social, political, and economic advantage of one group in relation to others. This can be seen in places where there is one group who has held control of essential positions in society. For example, America has existed for 230 years, but all the presidents have been white (males). Those who experience the effect of racism (minorities) often stick together to defend themselves against their harsh reality. They may form their own schools, newspapers, television networks and even create scholarships to help their people.

A person from the dominant group in society, however, doesn't need these specialized groups made just for them because they control the wealth and political/social/productive power and can always rely on these elements being there for their needs. From their perspective, things like Affirmative Action and the NAACP look like they perpetuate racism. In fact, these organizations are working to support marginalized, minority groups.

See Wikipedia's article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism for more information. Or read a history book.
Marginalized people, historically racial minorities, live with the presence of racism in their daily lives.

Racism is difficult to see from a position of privilege and difficult to live with from a position of marginality.

People who experience racism often become bitter or angry. They may last out at the dominant group and use against them, but they are still marginalized.

In America, racism continues to be perpetuated by dominant whites, knowingly or unknowingly, because they are blinded by their own privilege. Education and learning history are two sure ways to overcome racism.
by Zedster March 21, 2006
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Regular Racism: Prejudice from one race to another, usually based on stereotypes.
American Racism: White people who hate black people
Another common american term for Racism: White people who are proud of their heritage (Though I'll admit it's not really something to be proud of.)
Stereotypes good and bad, You find the racism;
Black: My dad was a civil rights leader!
Bad black: My dad's a gangster!
Asian:We helped build canals in america!
Azn: I'M AN anNoYinG N00b!
White: We established America.
Bad White: And now we're going to take away everything it stands for!
Hispanic: I am an upstanding citizen and work very hard for minimal payment.
Bad Hispanic: My dad's a gangster.
I could go on.
by joebillybobbrown April 03, 2006
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An excuse for people to be offended by every comment somebody could possibly make. The two autobots, Skids and Mudflap, from the second Transformers movie, for example, are not racist charicatures. There DO in fact exist people who really act like that in real life, but saying so would be racist to idiots who want to be politically correct. You can't say the word "black" without being racist. You can't even mention the fact that somebody is black without being racist. In short: It's total bullshit.
Good person: So anyway, I was talking to this black guy yesterday...
Idiot: Why did you have to mention that he's black? Are you a racist? By the way, the correct terminology is 'African-American.'
Good person: First off, I never said I was superior to him, so saying he's black is not racism. Second, he lives in Africa and is not a US citizen, so 'African-American' is not the correct terminology. So fuck you.
by The only sane man August 12, 2009
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Something that has existed in every society since the beginning of time and shows no signs of going away right now. Whether it's white, black, Hispanic, or Asian people it's always another race that's at fault for whatever problems they have.
Imagine if we just looked past racial differences and see that we're just people. I know this sounds boring but it's true. Unfortunately racism will likely always exist in some form.
by Frustrated Human February 09, 2014
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The biggest evil in this world, weather it's a joke or not.
Its racism to say, that man will steal my bike beacuse of his skin colour.
by Marko111 April 28, 2012
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Treating someone differently just because of their race and nothing else.
it IS racism to say "all *insert race* people are worthless"

it is not racist to say something based on fact "black people are better at running while white people are better swimmers" (as proven by the olympics)
by Soniku October 05, 2005
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The word most commonly abused (100%) of the time, by minorities, (mostly spanish and blacks) when things don't go their way.
Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Illegal Mexican: It's because I'm a Mexican huh.

Officer: No, you were doing 90mph in a 35mph zone and you almost killed 3 people in the process. You were swerving in and out of traffic, an I have reason to believe by the weed smoke and alcohol on your breath, that you are intoxicated.


Officer: SIGH..... please step out of the car, you are under arrest.

Illegal Mexican: NO I DON'T HAVE TO. YOU ARE A RACIST *Crys*

The officer then drags the worthless illegal out of the car, sends him to jail, where they find out he's an Illegal Mexican immigrant, that is wanted for murder in 3 states and Mexico.

The officer then becomes a hero for helping get one less Illegal Mexican murdering scumbag off the streets.
by motograter July 28, 2010
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