Ridee or Diee
A:I lovee you soo much
B:I lovee youu too :D
A:Weeve been through soo much
B:I know you shouldd be my R.O.D ohh yess
by lalalahr:D November 11, 2010
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A spectacular guy who dizzies himself in swivel chairs, brings high-powered bouncy balls to work, builds snowmen in the middle of the driveway, gets mad when he can't see his forehead, and hates green beans. A hazel-eyed, creative, evil genius who has an incomparable ability to make you feel like a woman. If you haven't met a Rod-type yet, your life automatically sucks.
I wish my dad were a rod.

Our daughter's dating Rod and we couldn't be happier.
by Tuny Snigglefritz February 05, 2010
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Ride Or Die

A dependable person, someone that you can depend on and who is always there for you when you need them to be there for you.
'Dude, you are literally my ROD/ R.O.D. you are literally like the absolute best'
by Sage Hansen June 04, 2019
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Rod is that guy with the long, dark brown hair that no girl can resist. He's usually getting girls horny with his amazing singing skills. Tends to flex his beautifully shaped abs to impress the girls and make them automatically orgasm they pussies. Also, Has an extremely large penis.
jenny: Hey have you seen any Rods today?
Katy: OMG!! I just came from the hospital along with 7 other girls who got extreme horny-nietis
Jenny: Im horny now
Katy: Lets go find a rod
Jenny: Lets gooo! :Katy
by Jeeennyyyyyyy September 29, 2011
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