Originally from reddit, used when someone doesn’t get a joke or thinks you’re being serious.
Person 1: wow your cat looks so cool

Person 2: that’s a dog you retard
Person 1: r/woosh
by definitionzz November 11, 2019
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When a joke goes right over your head and you don’t get it
Person1: r/woosh
Person2: ?
Person1: r/woooosh
by Centenario1963 April 25, 2019
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What nerds say when dumb people don’t understand a joke
Post: Gay people are lesbians
Idiot: BuT tHaT mAkEs No SiNcE bEcAuSe GaY mEaNs SoMeBoDy LiKeS gUyS aNd LeSbIaN mEaNs YoU lIKe GiRlS
Nerd: r/woosh
by I forgot the word already April 14, 2019
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you thought a joke was serious and someone replied "r/woosh" now you're crying in bed with no-one to talk to since you got wooshed
i got no friends now since i got r/wooshed
by Chinооk March 11, 2019
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Typically Tik Tok users use this term and r/wooosh when the joke goes right over your head (when you misinterpret it.) The more o's you add to it (example: r/woooooooosh) the more how stupid that person was that they didn't get it even though it was easy.
Me: I never liked those Russian dolls, they're full of themselves (the joke)
Someone: But Russian dolls aren't rude, also they can't even talk
Me: r/woosh
by Themeaningsofwords June 19, 2020
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the mispelling of r/wooosh. common in reddit.
someone in the comment section: thats false you idiot
someone else: WOW kid you just got r/woosh- ed😂😂 “Woosh” means you didn’t get the joke, as in the sound made when the joke “wooshes” over your he-
esle enoemos: r/itswooshwith4Os
by thatno March 15, 2020
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Originally from reddit. When the joke flies over someone's head because of misunderstanding a joke or taking it too far.
Person 1: When he said "your gay" I felt that :(

Person 2: How can you feel sad when someone just says that

Person 3: r/woosh
by anyaccount78 November 8, 2019
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