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What nerds say when dumb people don’t understand a joke
Post: Gay people are lesbians
Idiot: BuT tHaT mAkEs No SiNcE bEcAuSe GaY mEaNs SoMeBoDy LiKeS gUyS aNd LeSbIaN mEaNs YoU lIKe GiRlS
Nerd: r/woosh
by I forgot the word already April 14, 2019

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This word is another word for being offensive such as “stupid”. It likely means you don’t like the person you are talking to or there personality. It could also mean you hate them in general or strongly don’t want them to be there
Did you really just say you hate me? YOUR SO JERESTED
by I forgot the word already December 07, 2017

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