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saying a mean joke for a specific person
Dude you just got roasted!
by thatno March 01, 2017

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the mispelling of r/wooosh. common in reddit.
someone in the comment section: thats false you idiot
someone else: WOW kid you just got r/woosh- ed😂😂 “Woosh” means you didn’t get the joke, as in the sound made when the joke “wooshes” over your he-
esle enoemos: r/itswooshwith4Os
by thatno March 15, 2020

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some sound i made randomly.
represents the people that name their friends even though its against the damn rules.
noob :check out this definition i made "SArAh, A niCe CHarMinG-
some dude: stop dunib
by thatno March 15, 2020

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