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When a joke goes right over your head and you don’t get it
Person1: r/woosh
Person2: ?
Person1: r/woooosh
by Centenario1963 April 24, 2019

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Putting one finger in the butthole and another in her vagina and touching them together. Hello from the other side
Get a The Adele mug for your boss
by Centenario1963 July 14, 2019

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what you think is an autocorrect error or a typo but then your friend uses it six times and you look it up and it means "laugh out loud pending"
Me: I play roblox
My friend: lolp
Me: lol
by Centenario1963 April 11, 2019

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When ur gf is toxic so u say “I sense toxic” and she sends it back like “I SeNsE tOxIc”
Person 1: yo I got snitched on
Person 2: I told u they were salty bro
by Centenario1963 October 20, 2019

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