A pointless phrase the famous porn stars Jacki Lick and Trent Shaftwell shout out while fucking on camera.
ohhh qwerty....yes Trent QWERTY!!!!
you: what's up man?
me: i found out father jones is a qwerty.
by kevinnnnn September 11, 2005
A kick ass, experimental word meaning quere in a good way or freakin awesome
Guy A - Did you hear that new song by that chick with the funky outfit?

Guy B - Yeah my idiot of a sister said it was weird but it was so friggin QWERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy A - Yes I also thought it kicked ass!!!
by Alternitive opption December 9, 2006
QWERTY is just a name for the type of keyboard u guys are using!!!! it has no other meaning,
My Graphing calculator does not use a qwerty keyboard!!!
by David June 27, 2004
its the art of finding random words because of their easiness to type on the keyboard
i have qwerty mastered
by kony February 5, 2008
-to have an elongated aparatus attached to your forehead and pleasuring your best friend with it.
-to do something on accident on purpose.
I just peed on you.....but i only did it on qwerty. SORRY!!!
by bread infection December 30, 2005
i always have qwerty on my forehead everytime i awake from falling asleep at my computer. It's a mystery!
by Jaime V January 25, 2005