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1.A man, note neccisarily gay, that seems to attract gay men.
2.A general insult for a guy.
1.Dude,, another guy hitting on you, your a real queerbate!
2.Get off my lawn you crazy queerbate!
by bitch#1 March 21, 2005
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a male who is apparently heterosexual but frequently makes queer comments or actions and also is interested in homesexual activities like cock riding and giving rim jobs.
rico told elvir that he was a queer bate after looking at mr. robertsons ass.
by tay one December 06, 2005
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a term some people use when looking for homosexuals to beat up. it refers to the gayest looking kid in there group to be used to pick up gay people
wow jon your a queerbate
by Joe Facker October 08, 2003
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a premiscuous queer who takes pleasure in taking it in the ass ( achick cant be a queerbate)
I know this kid named ethan thats a total queerbate
by mattethen tom November 30, 2006
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