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An oddly mapped town where you either run into passive aggressive middle-class white folk, or straight out aggressive hick folk. Full of depressing and popular culture wanna-be's. The school teaches nothing, and the sports team runs the entire schools morals. The people are fake, and popularity contests destroy individuality. If theres anyone to trust, its yourself. Half the teachers are there for a paycheck, the other half to actually teach what they are paid to. 80% of the curriculum is a waste of your entire childhood and adolescent life.
"Yo, that kids from Queensbury? He probably wears either Ralph Lauren or Carhartt."
"I asked for that Queensbury girl to pass the ketchup and she asked why I thought I was allowed to talk to her..."
"Yeah when I asked that Queensbury jock what his midterm grade was he just said 'Varsity'."
"Coach said that all I have to do is stop into his office once a week for a special massage and I don't have to worry about my grades for the rest of the year!"
by psudonimmie November 13, 2018
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A town where the guys think they're tough and run shit and the girls think they're better than everyone else. All everyone does is talk about each other behind there backs, humility is one of the greatest virtues too bad people from here can't even spell it.
Queensbury kids say phrases like

"Ya buzz"

"Yeah bod"
by mezzanine lounging June 30, 2009
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Best place to grow up in Upstate New York. In the summer, only 10 minutes from beautiful Lake George where most residents in Queensbury have Lake Houses and many boats.senior skip day consisted of a huge party on the lake on out parents yahts =) In the winter, there's a local ski mountain right in Queensbury, and it's only 30 minutes from Gore Mountain. Very wealthy town, has a snobby , stuck up reputation but the chicks are hot and the football team is now AA. You either live in the mansions on the golf course, have a log mansion on the mountain, or live in a development with a view of the mountain. The teenagers are alcoholics and weed is easy to find. Wooo
outsider- Where you from?

qby person- Queensbury =)

outside- Ohhhh soo do you live in the mansions in Bedford Close or on the Hiland Golf Course?
by QBY March 05, 2008
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A residential town in upstate New York, Queensbury is often thought of as the rich town. However, most of its residents don't know anything about class. Fashion is 3 months behind that of New York City, and the closest many people will get to luxury is going to Lake George in the summer where real wealth exsists. Most people in Queensbury have never seen an Acura before and think that Mercedes-Benzes/Audis/BMWs are ficticious. The idea that Queensbury is a wealthy town is brought on by the blue collar workers of Finch-Pruyn and Boston Scientific that make up the majority of Glens Falls
outsider: My mom just bought a new 750Li

queensbury person: Yeah? Well at least my mom's Geo Metro is an actual car.
by Reginald VanDeKamp April 20, 2008
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