a 96 building project (not 6 building), forming a 6 block radius from its center in 41st avenue in between 21st street and vernon blvd in Queens NY. Currently the largest public housing complex in North America.
Im from Queensbridge, and I am still alive
by AM April 26, 2004
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A place that Ron Artest wants everyone to know and say
Artest: "Say 'Queensbridge'!!"

Craig Sager: "Queensbridge?"

Artest: (Ends the interview and runs off)
by RA37 June 19, 2010
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n) The name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. Home of Nas and Mobb Deep.
by ac January 31, 2004
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A sexual act where a naked man squats over a woman's face resting his testicles on the bridge of her nose.

The name is derived from New York's Queensbridge Projects but was not originiated there.

Also the act of mimicing this act by placing the two first fingers of a hand spread on either side of ones nose. This is a joke refering to the term.
Yo, that dude just queensbridged me.
by davestradamus December 4, 2006
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a school for pathetic twats who are shit at football and only care about themselves. all the teachers are rapists and kids their either do really well or work in macdonalds fucking homophobic even though teachers are all gay rights and its fliied to the brim with kings heath primary kids who are all fuking assholes
"you heard of queensbridge school"
"oh god not that shithole"
by lrkdjrhxfxndjsh\ July 23, 2020
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