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slang for 'motherfucker stop poking me!'
'MOKOKE!' or 'You best MOPOKE!'
by AM March 18, 2005
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Slang for 'motherfucker stop poking me!'
or MOPOKE fool!
by AM March 18, 2005
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A loyal,caring,comforting,and loving person who will do anything to keep you happy
The pleaseure of being happy

Is a kynesha
by AM March 13, 2017
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1. A rapid spinal movement, followed by a snapping of the torso and the removal of a hispanic member of the class.
by AM June 24, 2004
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The hottest and sexiest and smartest, and cutest girl ever.
Yo.. that girl is a nitasha fo sure.
by AM August 31, 2004
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When in the doggy style position, the guy spits on partner's back (which she thinks is cum). Then turns her around and blows a big cum shot on her face.
She just received a Great Houdini.
by AM April 7, 2004
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A contemporary spin on an old-fashioned potluck in which contests, themes, and other craziness is added to make the event more interesting.
Matt is having a hardcore potluck at his place, sweet!
by AM October 7, 2005
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