A group of four people, or more specifically, two couples, in a polyamorous relationship.
Bob: You and your wife seem awfully friendly with that other couple.
Ted: Yeah, I didn't know how to tell you, but we're a quad.
Bob: What's a quad?
Ted: We're all boyfriends and girlfriends.
Bob: At the same time?
Ted: Sometimes 8-)
by swaydo July 13, 2008
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To be a total uncoordinated, clumsy tool.
Chalm: Hey, why are all these beer bottles broken?

Damo: I quaded while coming up the stairs.
by Van Def May 16, 2005
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The best group of our girls in the entire world. They are beautiful,amazing,and the closes bunch ever. They are the best at pillow fights, makin cookies and throwing the best old time sleepover.The are truly the top dogs of everything
Man: The quad is soo hot
Man's girlfriend: Omg what
Man: You heard me the quad is like way awesomer than you .
by Emily,kali,dora,andrea December 15, 2005
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a fun loving group of four, usually really good friends always looking for a good time
yo you know those girls, viki, caroline, amanda, and katie...total quad.
by ashantay ferry January 03, 2010
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A motorized device offered from one family member to another, much like the gifts the three wise-men brought to Jesus.
Igor: If I were your brother-in-law I would buy you guys quads

Paul: You are our brother-in-law
by Shaq Pack January 05, 2013
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