Quacking in the manner of a mallard is what one should do when faced with any ridiculous and unneccessary comment from any idiot in any social situation. It is commonly used by me as a term of derision and contempt.
Idiot: Wow! Did anyone catch that episode of Dawsons last night. It was totally cool!

Me: Quack.
by imnothere27 February 03, 2010
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Flatulence released from the anal cavity, which is powerful enough to project fecal matter at dangerous velocity onto the flatulator's undergarments. A strong wet fart. Otherwise know as a shart, these noisy explosions tend to have a distinct "quack" sound when released past the sphincter.
(ex 1) Shit ran down my thigh as a result of a disastrous quack.

(ex 2) Tony accidentally quacked while trying to light his fart, in this situation a basic joke had become oh so dangerous.
by iLOVEtwat May 22, 2010
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in very complicated chipmunk terminology this sound is often referred to as "sex" or even "fuck" in the mating season (12 Months a year).
"Damn woman you look fineee! we should Quack!"

"Why yes, a quick Quack is what i need right now."
by chipmonk182 September 04, 2011
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An online or e-slut who will often prey and stalk pre-pubescent teen boys via the internet.
Quack and nightfall cyber while playing WoW.
by Tom Bolton November 04, 2006
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To claim possession of something for when you return, such as a seat. Short hand for the phrase "quack quack I get my seat back"

Counter arguments include:
1. Move your feet, lose your seat
2. Cluck, cluck, I don't give a fuck!
Abby gets up from the couch and says, "Quack!"
Abby has 'quacked' her seat, thus no one else can take it.
by Savannah Cheyenne February 18, 2008
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