What ducks should be saying, instead of "Got any grapes?"
Then he waddled away (waddle waddle) then he waddled away (waddle waddle waddle) til the very next day...

by theducksong1234 August 22, 2011
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A term used by the supporters of conventional medicine to insult anyone that supports alternative medicine.
Alternative Medicine Supporter: I started oil pulling and using herbal tooth powder. The result is that my teeth are very white and my mouth never felt this good!
Conventional Medicine Supporter: What you're doing was made up by a quack artist! The results that you are seeing are a placebo and the medicine you're using doesn't work.
Alternative Medicine Supporter: How can you tell me that the results I'm seeing are fake? They are clearly real. Let the results speak for themselves! Watch me demonstrate.

(The Alternative Medicine Supporter reveals his teeth and that are so bright white that they stun the Conventional Medicine Supporter!)
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A code word for quarter, as in a quarter ounce of smoke/weed.
"How much does a quack run?"

"Can you do a quack?"
by Laura Hill August 14, 2007
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It's when you do an animal. Used a lot by Karthiks
I'm so quacked! That was some doge ;)
by cuckthick January 14, 2018
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A word used instead of the word wack. Typically used inside restrictive schools, where many such words are banned.

Alternatively, it's used as an exclamation or substitute for an expletive, such as fuck, in any and all situations.
That assignment Mrs. Ratman gave us is so fricking quack. It's too hard!

That quacking hurt, Jerry! Why the QUACK would you quacking throw that thing at me?
by yeetthegeese April 10, 2019
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