Arrived from the word owned,
which arrived from the word own,
Which came from the word CAT
Boy on computer: Best porn ever!!??? *click*
Computer: *pirate song. lalalalalalalala pirate!*
Boy: wtf!?
by murtleturtle February 23, 2011
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1. Getting seriously owned by someone or something.
2. Losing so bad it hurts.
Yeah, they seriously pwned Jason and Ian. It was glorious.
by lizzerrslitherr August 30, 2010
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Partionally Owned

Used when winning against your opponent in a match during the game.
"Your getting PWNED"
"I totally PWNED you so far"
by Gener21839 October 09, 2004
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The word pwned means the total decimation of a person place or thing. Contrary to some sources the earliest usage of the word pwned comes from online pvp matches in the game Diablo II.
Dude, you just got pwned by that level 99 sorceress!
by your face is dead March 10, 2010
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Years before warcraft existed, mid combat chat was about typing fast, before getting killed from having your hands away from the movement keys. The spelling mistake owned to pwned was common. As it sounded far funnier (Porned) it stuck.
A: HAHA, Pwned your Ass
B: Owned? or Porned?
A: Owned!!
C: Porned your Ass!! LMAO.. much funnier.
by LordEnglish November 26, 2009
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