Money–especially green, paper money–which is the same color as pesto.
"It's pay day, Denny! Time for the boss to put a dollop of pesto into our wallets. Ah, greenbacks!"
by Banknotes Harper May 19, 2016
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In light of the direct italian translation meaning "to pound," to pesto something means to smash in a rather brute sexuall manner.
Bro, Brian pestoed that sloot way back.
by Dick Lyman May 8, 2008
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A potent mixture of marijuana aka headies and hash oil.
Chillin in the benzo
Puffin on dat pesto
by Mr Blaze May 8, 2007
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An Italian green spreading that causes diarrhea.
Kid:Mum my tummy hurts so bad! I have diarrhea!
Mum:It's your fault, pesto on your spaghetti yesterday!
Kid:But I like pesto, It's delicious!
by star queen November 18, 2015
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Jason: Hey is Ace here?
Ben: No I think he left early.
Jason: Damn because I wanted to buy some pesto off him after class.
by JitStone4s September 18, 2021
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the most hated thing in the TWFanmily, along with “👀”
“did you see Tom posted about pesto again?”
by tomismypersonalsoldier June 22, 2021
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