A dutch word for own, however there are hundreds of claims it's to do with miss-spellings.
Ryan: No-scope quick-scope?
Sam: Nah last time I got pwned.
by Crazysamster August 13, 2011
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The act of unverbal consideration of a subject of disaffected control, i.e. the quasmic qualities of nuclear hygerophysical substances.
Hi, I wear popped collars, skateboard (but I think I'm cool because I say "skate"), pretend I smoke a lot of weed, and obsessively create YouTube videos of everyone in my life doing stupid shit no one else thinks is funny.

Ohhhhh you got pwned so badlyyyyyyy! lolz
by Pseudoshithead January 04, 2010
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To completely and utterly defeat, either verbally, mentally, or physically, an opponent beyond the mental realm of loss.
Dude, I totally pwned you at tennis yesterday.
by Two Shots March 16, 2005
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To be seperated from own or ownage. It is overkill. Simply known as power own, power ownage. Complete and total domination over another character or mob(monster).
Damn we pwned that monster.
by psumek November 26, 2004
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I just heard this term, it is computer nerd for own.
Playing Online Video Games

Dragon12312: You are good
Dark Slayer: (geeky laugh) 0/\/\G D|_|DE | J|_|ST PWND you
by some polak November 11, 2004
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