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The nickname affectionately given to Kankuro by fanngirls of the popular manga/anime Naruto.
"Aww!Kanky looks like a cute little kitty when he wears his hood!"
by melloshark October 05, 2009
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A hybrid word. It is the combination of "snuggly" and "pervy."

It could be used to describe a perverted snuggle, or to describe a person who has both the traits of snuggly and pervy. Such a person could also be called a snervert.
person 1: Hey, did you see that couple in the park getting all snervley?

person 2: Yeah. It's cool, as long as it's consensual. Otherwise it's just creepy.
by melloshark March 27, 2011
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A stereotypical vampire romance novel series written by Stephenie Meyer, the movie of which used the remaining sparkles from The Labyrinth on all the cast members portaying vampires in sunlight.
normal girl 1: Did you see Twilight in theaters?

normal girl 2: Yeah, but Edward sparkled like The Labyrinth, the effects were kinda suckish, they didn't go in chronological order, alot of Jasper's screen time was cut, they didn't even mention he had a special power too, and there were too many fangirls screaming whenever Carlistle or Edward Cullen got a close-up...


normal girl 2: I might just go kill myself...
by melloshark October 04, 2009
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To kill an animal 'humanly' because they are too old or too ill.

We are also totally bullshitting ourselves when we say "There's nothing we can do", "It's in too much pain", or "It'll be better off this way", especially since humans in the same conditions go to nursing homes, hostpitals, get a private nurse, wheel chairs, a ton of meds, and no one ever says "There's nothing we can do, we have to put down Grandma."
Grandpa: The dog's fourteen, and he can't move around anymore, we gotta get him put down.

Grandchild: But why, Grandpa?

Grandpa: Blame the society, not the executioner, sweetie.
by melloshark October 04, 2009
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