the INcorrect way to spellpussy

see france
by [asscock] May 16, 2003
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a pussy covered with STDs and STIs.
usually "pus"-sing from the vagina. hence the word "pusy"
= pussing vagina.

doctor1: "whoa, that sko has a nasty pusy!"
doctor2: "hahaha... look at that thing puss! fuckin sick!"
doctor3: "quick, poke it with something..."
by djoche December 5, 2006
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(poo see)noun.- a state of mind in which one feels infinitely euphoric.
standing at 12,700 feet overlooking a ten foot cornice and a foot of fresh snow just waiting for you to lay down the first tracks, that's PUSY.
by huckleberry x June 13, 2006
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the name of a single celled organism thought to contain the key to immortality

also a comeback to when someone says dik dik as pusy pusy is known to out do dik dik
scientists have recently discovered that pusy pusy might be the key to eternal life
by B0oB Saggety March 15, 2018
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The object found on people who don't have penises (and is located where the penis would be). It looks like a concave slit, and is used mainly for reproductive purposes.
Pink Guy: gibe de pusi b0ss
by Falsifications August 20, 2016
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Another way of saying pussy
Jack : “You smell bad”

Malone: “Fight me, pusi!”
by BigChokolate May 11, 2021
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It's pretty much a vagina filled with mucus like puss
She's got a leaky pusie
by CharlesDickin February 25, 2016
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