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My Facebook friends spam my news feed with horoscopes and I just want to punch them in the face
by Falsifications August 20, 2016
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When you're having sex and you astral project so you can watch from a distance while your physical form and your partner go to town
Remember when Doctor Strange and Christine are in the hospital and he's dying and she's using the defibrilator on him while his astral form fights Kaecilius? Imagine that but Strange and Christine are bumping uglies and Strange is watching from the mirror dimension. That's astral cucking for ya.

"Hey girl imma fuck you so good you go into the dark dimension"
by Falsifications February 1, 2020
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The object found on people who don't have penises (and is located where the penis would be). It looks like a concave slit, and is used mainly for reproductive purposes.
Pink Guy: gibe de pusi b0ss
by Falsifications August 20, 2016
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What you conveniently have to get out of the Vietnam War.
Military: You gotta serve donald
Donald: I can't I have bone spurs, they're getting pretty bigly
Military: ok
by Falsifications April 10, 2018
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When you're boning a lady and you orgasm, letting out a thirty-second long primal scream, like OG Mudbone does.
Fred: Dude, we fucked so hard last night.
Peter: Did you go loud nigra on her ass?
Fred: You bet I did.
by Falsifications July 1, 2016
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Short for "Deez Nuts." Used to mock tone indicators.
Person 1: Can you please start using tone indicators so people can understand you better over text? /gen /srs
Person 2: Ok /dn
by Falsifications June 17, 2021
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