a punker is someone who wears tight, or kind of tight pants/jeans/dickies, they usually wear band t-shirts or beaters and army/jean/leather jackets aswell. most wear skater shoes or army boots, and i'd say most of them skateboard. they usually have either some piercings or tattoos, or both. they listen to punk rock and are dedicated to there music(or their band). quite a few add patches to their clothes, whether it be a shirt, pants or a jacket. they most likely drink a lot and smoke(not saying all do..but most)
even with all that, there pretty cool people.
look at that punker, hes hott as fuck! im not really into that kind of stuff though.. damn.
by aj. May 31, 2007
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a punker is someone who shows themselve as a radical of our society and Punk rock fuels our cause for Anarchy and the downfall of Authority itself
by "Lion" September 06, 2003
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aslo commonly known as a queer, pretty much the same thing
hey dude look at that punker he looks like a queer
by rickity stairs September 22, 2007
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