When you take a shit that is so massive it fills the toilet bowl to the point of making an island that sticks out of the water.
Dude after not shitting for a week or so i just took a massive Dobie and it converted into a Punker by the time i was finished. It was epic.
by darklord477 May 21, 2009
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n. A punk rock musician.
n. One who affects punk styles.
by Jessy June 13, 2003
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Not a punk, get over it. Used for a person that a non-punk person would think of as a punk (but usually isn't). Isn't it some little boy that screws old men, too?
You're like such a punker!
by L.o.l.a...V. December 25, 2003
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a. What preps call punks.

b. A poser punk.
"Like, ohmigawd, he is SUCH a punker! Teehee!"
by a fire inside November 10, 2003
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Person who wears worn/torn
clothing, tight pants, small shirts, checkered shoes or boots, dyed black hair, wears dog collars, piercings, carries a guitar, thinks rebellious(anarchy), and plays/listens to punk rock
Everyone in my music technology class is a punker so I know what they look like.
by Bobby De Niro October 18, 2004
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a word that doesn't really exist yet it exist very much so
it is tangble...get no unreal
it creates a sense of utmost confusion...for the person who tried to define this word
no next time, just say this word to confuse people, the word on it's own is senseless, yet with other words is plain stupid
so why don't we just stick to "punk"...easier
jimmy: punker
weaselton local: ah...you confused me
by weaselton smith January 31, 2005
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