One who falls into the label of the punk scene. Traditional punkers wore 501 levis or tight plad pants known as bondage trousers. They usually have their hair in some sort of spike form, be it "Plain spikes", a 'hawk or liberty spikes, although the hair can be anything, these are the most popular. Most punkers are againts "Selling out", the act of giving into main stream things, such as buying high priced clothes or being "trendy". To day, being a "Punker" dosent have the same meaning that it did 30 years ago. Most "Punkers" to day will buy high priced "Punker clothes" at trendy stores or with hold the "Fuck the goverment and society" idea.
"Most punkers today would'nt know what punk is if the Sex pistols walked up and kicked them in the ass"
by Usernames Suck December 28, 2004
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A fierce individual with a bone to pick with the world doesn't matter how you look or how you dress as long as you stay true to your self and as long as you love punk more then anything your a PUNKER but don't try hard to be a punker because that's just TRENDY
Bill joel armstrong isn't a punker he's a total hot topic display Sellout!!!
by the anti trendy October 15, 2010
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1) One who punks.
2) Person who listens to Punk Rock music, dresses or/and acts in the general style of a punk.
by IkeM October 25, 2003
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punkers are people who listen to, and live for punk rock. punkers are usually anarchists who hate the government.
punkers rule, charvas and the government suck
by philthy phil the anarchist April 30, 2003
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Real definition: One who sucks cocks for cigerettes

Punk is now a trend it use to be a way people acted now just a trend or fad for perfect preppy blonde girls with there clean converse and perctly combed hair or stupid ass dudes who you hate the government because hating authority "cool" all of a sudden. I blame the punk fad on none other than Good Charlotte.
I just bought converse a band shirt and dickies so now im punk.
by knotzi March 27, 2004
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n. A punk rock musician.
n. One who affects punk styles.
by Jessy June 13, 2003
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Not a punk, get over it. Used for a person that a non-punk person would think of as a punk (but usually isn't). Isn't it some little boy that screws old men, too?
You're like such a punker!
by L.o.l.a...V. December 25, 2003
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