Weaseling your way out of work responsibilities with a ninja stealth like shaddyness.
Greg is"pulling a fast one" past his boss, Chris, to get the weekend off for the big game.
by DuctTapeBandit April 14, 2016
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When someone changes the rules of the game at any given time, resulting in 100 percent personal gain.
Bitch bought stolen merchandise from me and then pulled a fast one and decided she wasn't going to pay me.
by Judy Bartell April 28, 2016
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When you go into a porta potty to jerk off drink or have sex while at work
I met this girl at the store on lunch she let me pull a fast one
by Juggernaut with the gauntlet November 29, 2018
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To go to the bathroom to drink or Jack off or have sex with someone
Dude that one female I was telling you about showed up at my job she wouldn't leave me alone so I had to pull a fast one I thought I was gonna get fired
by Assume the position July 24, 2019
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When you go to the bathroom or saying you are going to use the bathroom but you are actually going to get drunk do drugs jerk off or have sex or leave
by Goozoozfrabaa September 13, 2019
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Attempt to scam, trick, or con someone without the person noticing. But Once the person being scamed finally realizes what's going on they acknowledge what just happened by saying

"they tried to pull a fast one on me" or

"Did you just try to pull a fast one on me"

This term can also be used if someone actually scamed you , tricked you ,robbed you etc. without you realizing it until after it happens

I was helping this guy out and he "pulled a fast one on me" He took all my money
(Girl #1) : My Co worker offered me 5.00 to take him home, so I gave him a ride...but he tried to "Pull a fast one on me "

(Girl #2): Why? what happened?

(Girl #1): He said he lost his five dollar bill
by Myke Nozam June 23, 2015
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