Stop using birth control when you're trying to have a child.
My old lady won't stop yammering about wanting a kid so she wants to pull the goalie.
by angryvillager September 1, 2006
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After Doug lucked out at the bar, he thought, "Well, I guess I'll just go home and pull the goalie, eh?"
by breakwall January 15, 2005
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remove a woman's maxi pad or tampon before you stick yo' junk up in that cootchie
Trisha had her friend flo, but I stll pulled the goalie and taxed that twat. Then I showered.
by DD January 11, 2004
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Usually in reference to a married couple, pulling the goalie means to stop the use of contraceptive devices, in the hopes of conveiving a child. Derived from the hockey term.
You guys are pregnant! I didn't even know you were pulling the goalie!
by Houman February 1, 2006
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When a woman who is said to be on birth control purposely doesn't take her pill so that her significant other will get her pregnant.
Jane pulled the goalie on me last month, now I get to go baby shopping.
by TomMac53 December 3, 2007
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When your significant other stops using birth control in order to get pregnant.
Dude 1: Hey, when are you and Rachel going to have a kid?
Dude 2: I ain't the one with the uterus. I'm gonna let her decide when she's pulling the goalie.
by nicklby October 20, 2012
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