most men lie for the cootchie
by franklin November 11, 2002
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There should be a law against cootchie cuters
by Dawn June 15, 2002
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1.When you want to mention a vagina, but don't want it to sound nasty. The Cute Version.

2.A term for someone who is cute. But in the back of your mind, you are call them a pussy. Oh well, it sounds cute, eh?

(little is often placed in front, becuase it just rolls of your tongue. Go ahead, try it.)
1. Oh, did you hurt your little cootchie?
2. Why hello little cootchie.
by Menou. April 29, 2006
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I got a girl across town, she cootchie's all the time. Blind Lemon Jefferson
by George J. Myers, Jr. September 16, 2003
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the thing that all non gay men want in a woman,vagina,pussy or cootchi
man sallys cootchi is so tight
by Tyler Barron January 27, 2005
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The ejaculatory fluids of a woman, known to leave a signature scent on the male package (or face) so that your woman will always know if you have been putting that thing where it doesn't belong!
Dumb ass Ben: "I did the deed with my girlfriend this morning, nailed my secretary for lunch, did the cocktail waitress in the ladies room after work and wanked it on my drive home. When I got home and stepped in the door, she made me drop trou, sniffed my package and said she smelled another woman on me! How the hell can she tell that it's not her cootchie sauce that she is smelling, is she part bloodhound or what???"

Good friend: "No Benjamin, you're a dumb ass!"
by Misty Dawn June 30, 2008
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