13 definitions by Tabago's mom

( Dicked the Dog) To Screw up extremely Bad
Jay just Dicked the Dog when he smashed his hand.
by Tabago's mom March 30, 2019
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Our BROTHEL of naked pussy cats is growing. We now have Nutsac, Numbnuts, and Blueballs.
by Tabago's mom August 14, 2019
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Acronym for Stupid Bitchy Rude
Syd was definately an SBR by her lack of enthusiasm for my great accomplishment.
by Tabago's mom March 31, 2019
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Scougy: to go HAM on working or playong to the point of being disgustingly dirty, sweaty and gross. ( the "c" is pronounced as a "k" )
I was so scougy after cleaning the monkeys's room, that it felt like I needed to shower twice!
by Tabago's mom April 06, 2019
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To bring excessive pleasure, especially in a sexual manner.
William Karlsson really Rocks My World. I think they should change his nickname to William "The Wet Spot" Karlsson
by Tabago's mom March 30, 2019
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Quotionary: A fun , but sonetimes annoying , game played between Family members or close friends. When a random movie quote pops into your head, you proceed to immediately call or text the quote to see who knows what movie it is from.
Bill said, "Chuck, I have the best QUOTIONARY for you"! FEED THE MAYO TO THE TUNA!! No fair Google cheating!
by Tabago's mom April 06, 2019
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FABREZAJUANA: The unsucceful attempt of a teenager to cover up the smell of marijuana by attepting to cover it up with overly abundant amounts of Febreze. Does not work!!!
Hailey your room smells like FABREZAJUANA. . You better air it out before Dad gets home and you get McGruffed!!
by Tabago's mom April 01, 2019
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