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ppl. adj. Scots (Lallans) and Scottish vernacular. knackered, done for, finished, defeated, frustrated, under the weather
v. Puggle.
(Of recent slang origin, may correspond with the Eng. military slang "puggled", very drunk, believed to be from Hindustani "pagal", mad, furious, but may derive from buggered, and possibly influenced by Scots Pauchle, puzzled)
Ah'm fair puggled the day

Puggled megastar Matt Damon sustained a separated rib while trying to work up his swing for The Legend Of Bagger Vance. (Herald 1 Oct 2000)
by mynameistaken July 22, 2006
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someone who has been daft from birth

north london expression
its no good asking him he's puggled
by edna cushion October 30, 2003
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