Amy cried when she did not get her own way. "Amy stop acting like a megastar"
by Young_and_beautiful June 24, 2015
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King of Indian cinema, his name itself is enough to shake the legs of youth.The person who spell bounded the Telugu audIence with his dances, comedy timing and amazing mass following. No one can match his dance, acting, comic timing. He is the true actor.
MegaStar Chiranjeevi the true actor Dance, acting, comic timing, all rounder and one take artist.
by RamCharan April 24, 2021
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Otherwise known as WWFISSHM style:
Before reaching climax (in any orifice) you must carry out every devestating wrestling move known to man, pin her, win the count and do an impression of the entire crowd cheering you on and then slap her and go to sleep.
1:What happened to xxxxx at the party last night? She came out in a wheelchair!
2:Yeah my buddy xxxxx carried out a wwfisshm (World Wrestling Federation International Superstar Smash Hit Megastar Style) on her.
by Steven Redknapp October 2, 2007
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Megastar is a bad ship also known as megatron x starscream it's not so good and most people ship it in my opinion it's ok but 𝙉𝙊𝙏 ok it's curse my eyes 👀
Bro I like megastar
What's that?

A ship
What kind?

Megatron x starscream.


What. Why?!

That's horrible!!
by megaop4life August 9, 2022
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The only person which didn't need any elevations just name itself is enough. And the name is MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI !! King of Indian cinema, bigger than bacchan.
by RamCharan April 22, 2021
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Face your opponent and stare the shit out of them until they crumble in terror.
I megastared the shit out of him
by starefactor February 5, 2014
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