Arafat is a cute boy. His curls get the girls. He's sporty, smart and sexy. Get yourself an Arafat and trust me, you won't regret it
I wish i was Arafat
by Arafatisdreaaammyyyy October 19, 2019
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Arafat is the guy that helps you make sense of the world. When everyone turns their back on you Arafat is right by your side trying to pick back up the pieces of your heart. Arafat believes in you. He wants you to be happy and will do anything to help you feel like yourself again. Get yourself an Arafat. Arafat also feeds you, so you never go hungry.
Friend: I want Jerry to fuck me!
Other Friend: Nah sex is meaningless if he isn't caring like an Arafat. Fuck an Arafat!
by Icanfixyouwithdonuts February 22, 2021
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A sexy person who is not useless and is god.
Look at him he is Arafat
by Yung Lord Osama April 6, 2016
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To semi-consciously linger in a slow and public death, much as Arafat himself did in late 2004.
I'll bet the Pope really Arafats it out when he goes.

Grandpa Arafatted all of his money away to the nursing home.
by ChipSlap February 2, 2005
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Has a small penis, makes jokes about a 2010 game. Edgar and extremely meady. Fake edgar
Oh my god you're such an arafat
by KhombolBoro December 24, 2022
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Arafat: An unhealthy overweght individual.
You Arafat lazy slob.
by Jmmy January 5, 2005
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The best boy in town and deserves all the happiness is the world.
Arafat can do anything he wishes to do.
by QueenShiberino November 23, 2021
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