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What some people call a wastebasket (a small garbage can often used for disposing of waste paper and other dry rubbish).
Please don't toss soggy rollios into the wastepaperbasket; it'll cause the damn thing to reek.
by Telephony2 August 15, 2023
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What you might see when some asshaberdasher "kant" "spel" "thuh" "werd" "clean".
Some bunghole the website and has "Kleen" on the side of a tanker in large red font.
by Telephony2 November 12, 2022
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What some people think of the sport of basketball when they couldn't give a rat's patootie about it.
Hey Chuck; guess you ain't gonna watch basket-testicle on the telly . I know that you hate basketball with a passion; you're probably going to watch golf or some other pussy show.
by Telephony2 June 11, 2023
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A fake, phoney-bologna phrase invented by PLUTO TV to tell the viewer that they broadcast a lot of romantic programming. PLUTO TV gets itat cube,
{wrinkled old douche sitting on a bus}: Why am I throwing thngs all pissily?
It's called a meat cube, and PLUTO TV gets it.
by Telephony2 January 9, 2023
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(v.) To spoil or ruin
As of the morning of 06-20-04, I started a battery discharge analysis of this flashlight. About 20 minutes in, I somehow managed to queer the test, so I installed another Energizer L91 lithium cell in the flashlight, and started another.
by Telephony2 May 9, 2023
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A cockpit ala. the cockpit of an aircraft.

Penis = cock
hole = pit
Hey, let's go to the penishole and see if the captain put a whoopie cushion in the copilot's seat.
by Telephony2 July 27, 2023
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What some people call "The Uro Club" -- a urinal disguised as a golf club.
A golfer is suppose to piss into it instead of sneaking off to the bushes to have a wee.
Hey, there's an infomercial for The Pisso Club on the telly.
Maybe I should buy one of the asinine things and give it to dad.
by Telephony2 July 8, 2023
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