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a pair of testicles shrouded in pubes to where they are no longer visible
My girlfriend got a hairball from my pubicles
by greeneyweiney December 08, 2011
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The genital area most coveted by the opposite sex.
I was at a strip club with my pals and some douche sat near us and got a little too close to the milfs' pubicle he was with... he was tossed out on his head by the bouncer.
by Rob'izzle December 05, 2007
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Watering hole in an office. Derived from pub and cubicle
We're going down to the pubicle for a drink before we go home
by DanWo October 10, 2006
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combination of the word pube and cubicle, term used for genitalia when in a professional setting.
example 1: cindy:"why is shawn always up in my pubicle, man?"
example 2: john: "veronica walked in and looked directly at my pubicle."
by beccabee711 August 11, 2008
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When you have ice cubes stuck to your pubes to cool down your testicles and penis.
'Arn't your balls hot ?', asked mike
'Not at all with these pubicles cooling me down', replied Nick

Who wants to suck on mah Pubicles :D
by AnonymousAleccks February 05, 2010
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