Originating from Locks heath, hampshire. The word is used to describe someone of huge strength or muscular size.
Lee: Did you see wardy beat up keith last night?

dave: yea, he is well Pubed!
by Fizzle S June 24, 2008
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To put one's pube onto someone else.
John: (plucks a pube from boxers and places on Alex)
John: You got pubed!
by anony_mus July 30, 2009
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~To pube~
The act of taking your shaved pubes and sprinkling them on someone while they are sleeping
Or actively shaving your pubes over someone while they are sleeping
Tonight I am going to pube Jack's face.
There will be a massive pubing tonight.
by pubing October 17, 2014
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Hair that grows near your 'danger area'! If you shave it it gets itchy,and if you leave it there...it's itchy!
Trimming is your only option,but shladies and females should wax it.
by 0niTTRay January 8, 2004
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indiscriminately shedding pubic hairs in public places
I haven't shaved in a really long time, so I was pubing all over the toilet seat.
by PubeMaster October 19, 2009
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Barbed wired little guys that lie dormant like a blanket on top of the pubic bone regime and stay in tact by bulbs and skin
The last time he went down on me, he got his pubes stuck in his front teeth. I didn’t tell him because I thought it was so funny.
by Roobeer March 3, 2021
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A course, curly hair that grows around teh groin of both male and females. Often found on computer desks or on the carpets in your friends bedrooms.
Hmm their seems to be an alien pubic hair in my gin, I don't know whos it is...

I managed to staunch my bleeding anus with expired pubes from off the landing
by Nihility February 8, 2004
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