Members of a game community that aren't in your particular private group. Usually seen as less desirable to play with.
We don't have enough players, we could always let some pubbies join.
by Roy Farlton July 3, 2007
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Cree-say goodnight to mah pubbie
Sandra-goodnight pubbie
by Cree KukII August 7, 2012
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someone very cute that someone reminds you of a puppy but saying puppy feels just a little wrong
Boy:*sends image*
Girl:omg!! aww pubby🥺
by clownfucker6969 November 19, 2020
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A Warcraft3, Starcraft, or generally any other game/netowrk online user that has trouble comprehending even the most basic of human functions, usually cannot spell properly, and can't take a hint or "read between the lines, if you will, at all, whatsoever.
Pubbies are useless and should be avoided at all costs. If you cannot avoid a pubby, try harassing the pubby with words that the pubby's simple mind cannot comprehend, or perhaps, hero rushing his dumb ass then laughing after you ruined the game for that dumb fuck because he's such a useless piece of shit he started insulting his own teammate.
Kel_Thuzad is such a fucking pubby he ditched the clan to hang out with some pubby faggots that can't fathom that there is in fact a difference between their asses, and holes which exist in the ground.
by PLagg February 1, 2005
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Not scared to fight anyone especially after a pint down the local
Don’t mess with Dave he’s PUBBY after a stella
by Smartybates October 3, 2019
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Derogatory term used to describe anyone playing a multiplayer game that isn't a member of the Something Awful forums, typically goons treat them like lower class garbage and expose themselves as scumbag garbage in the process. While it can be great to grief the doucebag teens that plague online games goons have decided that even the average joe is worth being fucked with for laughs.

See also, The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street episode of The Twilight Zone
Those fucking pubbies wanting to play a game online let's grief em!
by SaQualityControl May 23, 2010
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consisting of a person who is pubbin
a human with a freshcut or anderson verajao or devin allen are pubby
by a man whos pubby May 15, 2010
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