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A Warcraft3, Starcraft, or generally any other game/netowrk online user that has trouble comprehending even the most basic of human functions, usually cannot spell properly, and can't take a hint or "read between the lines, if you will, at all, whatsoever.
Pubbies are useless and should be avoided at all costs. If you cannot avoid a pubby, try harassing the pubby with words that the pubby's simple mind cannot comprehend, or perhaps, hero rushing his dumb ass then laughing after you ruined the game for that dumb fuck because he's such a useless piece of shit he started insulting his own teammate.
Kel_Thuzad is such a fucking pubby he ditched the clan to hang out with some pubby faggots that can't fathom that there is in fact a difference between their asses, and holes which exist in the ground.
by PLagg January 31, 2005

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A person who is fat,and has perogy tits. An example of one who spills.
Pssst... fat luke is fat.
by PLagg January 31, 2005

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1)adj. Refers to the fat which "spills" out over the top of a (usually, although spills can be male as well, if the spilling is that revolting) female's pants. Such breeds of this animal that have been officially documented include: the double spill, the 270 degree spill, the 260 degree spill, the half spill, the vaginal spill, among others.

2)noun A nickname given to those who spill.
1) Oh god, look at those spills, they make me want to vomit.

The half spill is a rare creature, rarely seen out of its natural habitat.

2) Damn! Check out Spills! That bitch is spillin!

Oh god! Look at Spills Jr.!
by PLagg January 24, 2005

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When someone uses their powers of witchcraft or other general witchery against another person.
That skank just witched me on minesweeper flags!
by PLagg January 31, 2005

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Fat Luke expressed this when he said that the person who got the highest mark of himeslf and two of his friends on the test our class was going to write should buy the other two a meal instead of simply just a soda.
Yea... or he could buy us a meal.
by PLagg February 04, 2005

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