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An indistinct breed of dog that roams on an Indian Reservation Usually they appear to be A mix of Rottweiler, Pit Bull and German Shepherd. Many times they limp are very lean from getting shot at and poisoned frequently.
"I hope our fluffy didn't get knocked up by one of those rez dogs."
by Sean Combs September 18, 2006
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A white girl who comes on the res looking for a free ride. Usually white trash, can't find decent lodgings in the trailor park so tries to free load off of Indians. Fuck that shit. They usually bounce off the res quicker then they bounced on. Well, after everyone has had a ride.
Katlyn Richard is a rez dog.
by Lord Kevin March 11, 2005
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A dog or puppy that comes from a Reservation. A prejudiced term for a dog that lives with a Native American person. Native American's usually find this to be a racist or derogatory term. Usually a term used in ignorance.
Aw, those puppies are just typical Rez-dogs!
by slayingtheFBwarrior August 03, 2012
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a desperate reservation aboriginal girl that will come to a city and try claim the street life, sleep around with everyone (even own cousins) drug users and drunks
Lacy Shorting is a nasty Rez dog
by ruff2luv June 13, 2015
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